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Tip of the month - August 2020

Remove any hand gel from your car during hot months, it is highly inflammable.


Please find below links to useful information about help and support during the coronavirus crisis.

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Thank you song to the NHS

Love for the people - "Angel by my side" - click here

GOOD NEWS STORIES - Getting creative

Latest news - July 2020

As part of the Somerset Community Connect initiative we have been refreshing and further developing our website and FACEBOOK page. Much work has been undertaken to ensure that we have informative, useful and easy to access information and advice about the coronavirus. Of equal importance, we have been keen to explore new and improved ways to enhance the lives of unpaid carers. One such initiative is the development our Somerset Community Connect Facebook groups: Somerset Creative Carers Connect, Somerset Musical Carers Connect and Time Out Up The Garden Path.

We believe that art and music are wonderful ways to communicate what is important to us in our lives, our thoughts and feelings. Creative activities like these can help us connect with others, relax, take time out and have some fun. Gardening is a very popular activity and one that many find restful, therapeutic and creative.

To be a member of these groups you should have an interest in creativity, music, gardening, art etc. and live in Somerset. You should also be an unpaid carer, former unpaid carer or someone who genuinely cares about the lives of unpaid carers.

Our group provides an opportunity for people to connect with like-minded folk, share information, creative insights, updates and showcase their creativity.


Click on the Facebook icon to access link direct to the group.

     Somerset Creative Carers Connect:   


     Somerset Musical Carers Connect:     


For more information please contact Debbie:


07866 785438


Pandemic activates more and more creativity 

The Corona virus pandemic along with it's restrictions has resulted in a burst of creative activity across the county.

From experienced artists and creators to those who have little of no experience of exploring their creative side you will find here some stories guaranteed to inspire.

“Approaching Avalon”

Oil on canvas

By: Julie Jikai Lovelock


After a period of illness, with suspected coronavirus Julie pulled through and was eventually able to produce this beautiful piece of artwork. “Approaching Avalon” depicts one of Julie’s favourite views of Glastonbury Tor.

“At the end of this journey, I was able to paint this picture, painting helped me to heal and regain my sense of wellbeing.”

Julie is an established Glastonbury artist and holistic practitioner who offers a wide range of complementary therapies, she lives and works in Glastonbury. Julie helps people to feel good inside and out by living life from a more relaxed, peaceful and positive position. This picture surely says it all.

Read more about Julie - click here






"The wind blows free"

Papier mâché covered camel ornament

By Eve

Having health condition which puts her at higher risk of severe illness Eve is socially isolated at home. “I am a very social person and I do miss going out and about”, making things helps me to take my mind of what’s going on and I can have some fun too”.

Eve's camel is a wonderful example of how you can have fun livening up an old ornament. For this creative work Eve found an old wooden camel, chipped and battered and decided to give it a new lease of life. Using PVA clue diluted with water she pasted scraps of old wrapping paper, stamps etc. onto the camel. Something fun and easy to do inside or outside your home. For a longer lasting effect you can varnish, but its not essential.








"Portrait of a friend"

Pastels on paper

By Eve

Inspired by my favourite artists and TV presenters programme, last nights Grayson Perry's Art Club, an old friend came to mind.

I have known this lady for 30 years and she is now in her 70's and living alone with no relatives to talk to. Prior to COVID 19 we probably met up once or twice a month but now we speak on the phone two or three times a week. My friend has no computer or device and does not know how to use one.

It is frustrating not being able to visit each other but it is reassuring to think that so may people are in the same situation.

My friend is an amazing character, so full of life, she is fun, practical and very down to earth. If you want an honest answer or worldly advice she is the one to talk to.








Getting Crafty

Gill, owner of "The Crafty Teacup Creative Centre" can be seen here painting Molly the sheep in her garden. This painting was recently auctioned and raised funds for Musgrove Park Hospital.

"The Crafty Teacup Creative Centre" in Burnham - on Sea has been offering a wide range of creative workshops for over 7 years. Unfortunately due to the Corona virus pandemic face to face classes have temporarily ceased. The good news is that funders are now setting up a Covid 19 fund that will enable the centre to offer online workshops via "Zoom".

Watch this space 


Liz's yarn

"I've reupholstered some old furniture, spun and dyed some wool (working up to a weaving project) painted my living room blue and made a wall hanging (with my wool and found natural things). I'm loving the space and freedom to do things I love, as I feel to, with no pressure. Also enjoying the challenge to work with the materials and tools I have to hand".


Davina's daisy

"This was finished the other day using an old painted canvas I did and didn’t like and some white emulsion, a few coats were needed to cover the old picture and then using some tester pots of emulsion with very little in them and some drops of water to make it a little thinner I painted the flower. To add the dots I used a acrylic paint markers , but permanent markers could be used if you only have those".


Sophie's symbolism

"I made this as I love Japanese/Chinese symbolism and when there's darkness there is always light and I thought this is what my experience of the pandemic is like"


Debbie up cycles

"I found an old shabby mirror in the garage that was crying out to be seen. A warm sunny afternoon I decided to give my mirror a new lease of life. Using gloss woodwork paint as an undercoat I then decorated the top with enamel paints. My mirrow is now hung in the garden waiting for the Sweet Peas to join it" 


Archie's poem


By Archie aged 6


Practice kindness

Embrace family and friends

All to respect nature

Create fun and laughter

Everyone is happy







Susan's watercolour


Helibore and copper jug


By Susan Hartnell Beavis