! COVID 19 - We'd like to reassure you that our local health and care services are well prepared with well-rehearsed plans in place to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). For further information and advice please click here.

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Tip of the month - August 2020

Remove any hand gel from your car during hot months, it is highly inflammable.


Please find below links to useful information about help and support during the coronavirus crisis.

Note: By clicking on the blue copy on each page, you will open up a link that takes you directly to the relevant information.


Thank you song to the NHS

Love for the people - "Angel by my side" - click here


Ways to obtain your medications

Find advice about getting someone to collect your prescription - click here

People in Somerset who can collect your prescription for you

Find someone to collect your prescription - click here

Paying for your prescription if you are eligible

Check whether you need to pay for your prescription - click here

Buying medications online

Be very careful about buying prescriptions online, for guidance - click here

Worried about accessing medication

If you are worried about accessing your medication you can call 111 for advice

For more information about the NHS 111 service - click here



For the latest national and local advice and information - click here