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This page is for unpaid carers in Somerset

Somerset Musical Carers Connect - Facebook Group

   Is there a song in your heart?

Do you have a tune you would like to share?

Are you an unpaid carer?

Do you care about unpaid carers and does your music reflect this?

Cindy Stratton - Singer and song writer based in Bath

Cindy Stratton dedicates her song "By your side" to all carers this week....National Carers Week.

Cindy says:

“Carers are among the unsung heroes of our communities. They do essential, incredible, often thankless work, because they are kind and thoughtful and caring enough to help those who really need it. Carers need our support and to know that they are not alone. I hope my song in some way reflects that message”.

Listen to Cindy's song by - clicking here


Somerset Musical Carers Connect is a Facebook Group

What we do and why?

We provide an opportunity for unpaid carers in Somerset to share their music and connect with like minded folk. We believe that music is a wonderful way to communicate what is important to you, your thoughts and feelings, connect with others and have some fun. We are currently in the process of developing the Somerset Musical Carers Connect Facebook Group and will also be setting up Facebook sub groups, for localities across the county.


Opportunity 1 - Join Somerset Musical Carers Connect Group on Facebook - Showcase your music and connect with like minded folk.

Opportunity 2 - Talk to us about running a Somerset Musical Carers Connect sub group in your locality i.e. Somerset Creative Carers Connect - Glastonbury. Your group will be independent but essentially you will share the same overall ethos.

Please contact us to find out more information by - clicking here