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Talking therapies:

As with most problems, it is often helpful to talk about it. There are a range of talking therapies which you may find useful if you are living with dementia or are caring for somebody with memory problems.

The following services provide these types of treatments:

Alternative Therapies:

There are some alternative therapies which might benefit people living with dementia and their carers. They work by treating some of the conditions related to dementia, e.g. sleep problems or agitation. The following services provide these types of treatments:


There is not yet a drug to cure dementia however there are some drug treatments which can help to relieve some of the symptoms or slow their progression. If you caring for somebody with Dementia or memory problems click here.

The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss, difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language, as well as changes in mood or behaviour. These symptoms are often less apparent to begin with, but over time can become harder to manage. Dementia symptoms are often caused by Alzheimer’s disease or brain damage caused by a stroke. The specific symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will depend on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the disease that is causing the dementia.