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Managing at home

Equipment to help you

There is lots of equipment available for you to buy that can help you do things you may be finding more difficult to manage.



AskSARA is a free online, guided self-assessment tool you can use to get advice and information about equipment that could help you in your home.  

It's quick and easy to use. You can search products and services on this site to show you where you can buy the equipment suggested.  

This allows you to decide who you buy the equipment from, what brand and at what price.

If you want to buy any equipment that is recommended to you, this is your responsibility.



You may be surprised to know that you already use telecare or assistive technology in everyday life. We all use devices to alert us when:

  • it's time to get up - alarm clocks  
  • there is smoke in the house - smoke detectors  
  • there's someone at the door - door bell  
  • there's a call for you - phones and mobiles  

And there are plenty more examples.

Using Telecare gives people more choice and control over how they live their lives.

If you would like to talk with someone, phone your local Community Alarm Service provider for more information about telecare sensors and the relevant charges; some of them may be free.

You can find more information on the Somerset County Council website.


Community alarm service

You can get community alarm services from District Councils. They can provide a device that sits between your phone and its socket point, and an alert button that you wear. 

If you have one, by pressing the button, an alert is directed to a call centre that will respond instantly. They can speak to you even if you are not near the phone, but this will only happen when the button is pressed. 

There is normally a charge for this service. 

The right equipment and assistive technology can make all the difference to feeling safe and getting your confidence back after an illness or accident. 

You can search for services and products.

Phone numbers for District Councils

Mendip District Council c/o Aster Living 0333 400 8299
Sedgemoor District Council 0300 3037800
South Somerset District Council 01935 462462
Taunton Deane Borough Council 01823 356356
West Somerset Council 01643 703704  

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