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Managing at home

Help with disabled access

If you have mobility problems, or find it difficult getting about, it is not always easy to get to the places that you need to. 

There is information about support to use public transport and which types of transport are accessible in a wheelchair. The County Council website also has a list of accessible venues and information about disabled parking. 

You can also find information about the help you can get when leaving hospital.

These links can help you plan a journey or visit where there are accessible toilets.


Disabled parking bays

If you drive a car and are a blue badge holder, and have no other off-street parking available, the Council may be able to provide a disabled parking bay to make it easier for you to park near your home.

There may be exceptions where the application is made on behalf of a child who has to be carried to and from a vehicle.

You can apply for a disabled parking bay on the County Council website.

When they receive your application, they will check to see if a bay can be safely marked without affecting other road users. They will then write to you to tell you their decision. This will usually be within two weeks.

If you want to hire a wheelchair for temporary use, please contact the British Red Cross.

If you need a wheelchair for longer, or have a permanent condition preventing your mobility, please talk with your doctor. 

Long-term loans are for people who need a wheelchair most of the time. Short-term loans are assessed by an occupational therapist from NHS Somerset, and are for three months or less.

You can also find more information using the links below.