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Managing at home

Home maintenance

If you would like information and advice about security, smoke alarms, or repairs and adaptations to your home, there are lots of organisations that can help you. Please search for services and products.

Making some simple adaptations to your home can also make it easier for you, for example, if you are finding it more difficult to move around. If you have a disability you may be able to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant to help you fund changes to your home.

Before buying any specialist equipment first consider if it is available from the integrated Community Equipment and Home Improvement Agency - MyHome MyLife. Please see www.somersetmyhomemylife.co.uk for more information.

The Avon and Somerset Police's Bobby Van Scheme helps reduce the fear of crime by providing victims of burglary and violence with free help when it is most needed. They can fit locks, bolts, door chains and smoke alarms free of charge. Phone 101 for more information.

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