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Managing at home

Hospital stays

A planned stay in hospital

There are a lot of things you can do to plan for a stay in hospital. And there are lots of groups and organisations that can help you.

The Adult Social Care team can give you advice and information about services that may help you or the person who cares for you. 

These may include:

  • Support if you are adjusting to illness, disability or loss
  • How to access support and services in the community
  • Help to arrange care or other practical support if you need it when you leave hospital
  • Information about care homes and paying for care
  • How to have a financial and benefit assessment check

If you would like to speak to a social care worker, just ask one of the hospital staff to arrange this for you 

Help when you go home

Once your needs are understood, the social care worker will agree a discharge or care and support plan with you. This will show what support you will receive when you return home and make sure that you can leave hospital safely as soon as you no longer need hospital care. 

If you are not well enough to go home or cannot return home safely, they can tell you about other options. 

You can find more information to help you on the information sheets listed below or on the Help with a stay in hospitalweb page on the Somerset County Council website.


Leaving hospital

If you, your carer, family or hospital staff feel that you will need extra support when you leave hospital, you can source and select the services that are right for you by searching products and services on this website. 

Red Cross Support at Home service

All referrals for the Red Cross Support at Home service must come through a health professional when you are discharged.

If you have come home from hospital and no referral has been made, then you can phone the British Red Cross in Somerset on 01823 273707.

You can also contact the Red Cross Mobility Aids service on 01823 273746.

Find out more about the British Red Cross Support at Home service.

My Home My Life Home from Hospital service

For more information about the Home from Hospital service, phone 0333 400 8299.

Somerset County Council have an information sheet, B12: Home from hospital, which may be helpful.

Help from Social Care 

If you feel you need help from Social Care, you can ask for an assessment while you are in hospital or before you go into hospital, if you are waiting for an operation.  

This makes sure that you can leave hospital safely, as soon as you no longer need hospital care, with the right things in place. 

Any help arranged with Social Care may be increased or reduced depending on how you are. The aim is to provide the right short-term help to allow you to recover your independence.